Alexander Serdyuk‏

Born in city of Kharkov in 1982, graduated from Kharkov Art school with honors in 2002, finished Kharkov National Academy of Design and Arts, Department of Monumental painting in 2008 with defended a diploma in the specialty Monumental painting, obtained Masters degree. Since 2008 have been working as a Teacher of drawing, Department of drawing in Kharkov National Academy of Design and Arts. From 2010, became member of youth association of the Kharkov section of Union of the Artists of Ukraine. Awarded by a silver medal of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine for the work “Kobzars Tale” in 2010.

Self-Statement /

I started to paint professionally when I entered Art School. Before that, I practiced painting as a hobby. After getting a professional education, art became an integral part of my life. After I finished a course called “Monumental painting” at the Academy, I gained the ability to exercise a critical viewpoint, whether it is to have a broader view on art or to perceive rationally the diversity of art processes, styles, and trends.

I am attracted to experiment with representations of my themes from the nominal, decorative perspective and to maintain a perceivable flatness when depicting an image in accordance with its realistic form. I aim to present a comprehensible pithiness to the viewers, despite the variation of forms in my work – behind a posture displayed in my artwork, a thinking person with his own experience and a depth of his emotions breathe. Many feelings I choose to plant in my models are intrinsic to all of us in different moments of our life. Hence, finding a new theme for my artworks is not at all complicated, my imagination gives birth to an idea and a fluid decision for the compositions of my next artwork before I start working on it. 

I am attracted not only by the images of people; I’m equally interested in working on landscapes and still-life. It gives me an opportunity to feel the world surrounding me in a more profound and macroscopic way, to see an endless number of existing and possible themes and subjects in the world. I display on the canvas not what I see around me, but what I feel existing in the images surrounding me.


The Art of Eastern Europe – A Breeze Blowing through the Birch Forest

Great Land! You need only stick a car pole into the soil, and out will grow a carriage the next day! And so Chekov praises the fertile soil of Ukraine. On the rich land of black soil, a band of artists sing the songs of earth with their brushes. One can hear their charming singsong in the air, like a breeze blowing through the birch forest. Elegant and touching.