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2017 October | venews – Utopia for realists / Metra Lin, perspectives on evolving art

Metra Lin is a young curator who already has an established career in Asia. We met her in Venice in the occasion of the Art Biennale at Palazzo Mora, where she presents The Southern Cross by Cantonese artist Cen Long, part of collective exhibition Personal Structures. An interesting painter, Cen Long takes early XX-century French tradition into his large canvases to show a very personal lyrical language, one that shock the spectator with a conjugation of modern realism and a dimension of suspended temporality. Metra Lin chose this artist to represent not one world but the many worlds of art, which in her precise, deterministic vision go beyond geographic boundaries and develop self-sufficient lives of the greatest artistic freedom.

In Asia, thanks in particular to the power China showed in re- cent years, contemporary art grows exponentially year over year, both in terms of art qua- lity and in terms of market. This has been affecting the hi- storically west-leaning art world. How did you, as a cura- tor, lived these changes?

2017 May | venews – The Southern Cross / Cen Long, his World of Art

The southern cross is a star that shines eternally in Cen Long’s heart. It is small, but nonetheless a bright and magical star; it brings him luck and illuminates his soul in a way that it becomes his muse and guides him on the path of art.

2016 June | ROTHENBURG STADT UND LAND – Fernöstlicher Grauschleier / Doerfler-Galerie bietet Einblicke in die Besonderheit asiatischer Kunst

SCHILLINGSFÜRST – Zeitgenössische asiatische Kunst im Haus der Heimat: Hai Yan Waldmann-Wang, Leiterin der Doerfler-Galerie, hat eine ganz besondere Ausstellung nach Schillingsfürst geholt. Die drei Künstler aus China, Japan und Taiwan gewinnen in ihrer Heimat zunehmend an Bedeutung. Ihre Werke werden für teilweise bis zu mehreren zehntausend Euro gehandelt. Einer von ihnen, Cen Long, ist zudem so etwas wie ein „Bruder im Geiste“ von Ludwig Doerfler.

Wer glühender Verehrer der farbintensiven Pop-Art ist, wird sich mit dieser Ausstellung vielleicht etwas schwer tun. Es lohnt aber allemal, sich einmal gezielt auf eine neue künstlerische Welt einzulassen. Die Werke, die auf den ersten Blick aufgrund ihrer überwiegend in Grau gehaltenen Farbgebung scheinbar melancholisch wirken, entfalten erst beim bewussten Betrachten ihre einnehmende Wirkung.

Denn die vermeintlich düsteren Grautöne sind mit Gelb angemischt, erklärt Hai Yan Waldmann-Wang. Die „Farbe der Hoffnung“ wirkt wie eine aufhellende Ergänzung. Cen Longs Werke sollen nicht herunterziehen, denn er sei „nicht hoffnungslos der Welt gegenüber“, erklärt die Museumsleiterin.

15 Minutes of Fame – ART. FAIR 2015 | Cologne, Germany

And for the main thing of our curation program of this time is what we call Contemporary Asian Paintings – Oriental Souls and Concepts. Why we mention, I mean, we mean this talks in the name of Trio Expressionist Painting, that is because our artists are just like singing the song, singing in their heart but in front of their works, so the people, I mean the audience can feel their heart through their works.

2015 May | FAS 15 x FOCUS

Realism in recent times seems to have become an alternative style of painting. People favors more abstract, deformed, or more decorative or installation art. However, since the appearance of painting, realism has been associated with human survival and evolution, it was never interrupted nor did it ever disappear. People are used to appreciate those painting that interprets what is related to their real life, what is familiar or from and ideal environment. Over the past decades, realistic painting focused on plot, specific objects and character description, as well as religious, fabled and narrative contents. Today, along with advances in transportation and communication, the geographical gap has shrunk; people pay more attention to the spiritual and common emotional expression. Abstract art forms make it easier to reach a shared spiritual satisfaction, because these forms bring greater imagination space than the realism style.