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15 Minutes of Fame – ART. FAIR 2015 | Cologne, Germany

And for the main thing of our curation program of this time is what we call Contemporary Asian Paintings – Oriental Souls and Concepts. Why we mention, I mean, we mean this talks in the name of Trio Expressionist Painting, that is because our artists are just like singing the song, singing in their heart but in front of their works, so the people, I mean the audience can feel their heart through their works.

2015 May | FAS 15 x FOCUS

Realism in recent times seems to have become an alternative style of painting. People favors more abstract, deformed, or more decorative or installation art. However, since the appearance of painting, realism has been associated with human survival and evolution, it was never interrupted nor did it ever disappear. People are used to appreciate those painting that interprets what is related to their real life, what is familiar or from and ideal environment. Over the past decades, realistic painting focused on plot, specific objects and character description, as well as religious, fabled and narrative contents. Today, along with advances in transportation and communication, the geographical gap has shrunk; people pay more attention to the spiritual and common emotional expression. Abstract art forms make it easier to reach a shared spiritual satisfaction, because these forms bring greater imagination space than the realism style.

2014 December | NOT TODAY – The dealings with artists are built upon trust

Many years ago at a book fair in Brazil, I met artists from Brazil and Columbia. That day was a fine day. The sky was clear blue. When walking down the streets with them, we would chat about the colors of the sky and the dogs or chickens we had encountered on the road. Life suddenly became fascinating. I was so happy and I abruptly realized how elegantly unrestrained it is to live life with such zest. Then I met Cen, the first Chinese I ever met. I have experienced the most treasurable essence of truth, goodness and beauty by looking at his illustrations and paintings — my encounter with them made me decide to work with artists for the rest of my life. However, I would only want to service simplistic and charming art. That’s because I would like to encourage more people to feel the happiness as the way I do and to reach a sense of unconstrained freedom in soul, by working with this kind of artwork that brings people the original simple purity.

2014 October | A Monk Searching for the Purpose of Life

I prefer to describe the feelings I have for master Cen’s works by “open sky, vast land and genuine people”. In his paintings, the high and broad sky is like ancient truths; the solid and warm land embraces all things; and the pure, simple and practical people are our goal of utopia. I personally believe that, Cen Long is not only an artist, a philosopher, but also a monk searching for the purpose of life. While writing this article, I looked at his paintings on my walls, and again I am wondering in the starry universe, sing in the mountains, running on the fields, and greeted with a satisfied smile. Through his paintings, I deeply realized that, a true wealthy life is not in the fame in a pompous world, but in the simple life of contentment and the understanding of love and giving.

2014 October | Mind-Nature Blended, Identity of Object and Self – Artwork Comments on Cen Long

In my mind, Cen Long not only is tremendously devoted to arts and a pioneer who views arts equivalent to life, but also a mentor with deep learning and cultivation, benevolence, rough life experiences and talents. His work was frequently selected to the National Popular Science Exhibition, Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, the Seventh National Art Exhibition etc., back in the seventies and eighties, and has already revealed outstanding gifts in the oil painting industry with his solid skills and brilliant talents.