15 Minutes of Fame – ART. FAIR 2015 | Cologne, Germany

This is our first time of coming to Europe and Germany, I mean the Cologne Art Fair is our first start of entering European market. So, I think that I should give a try of doing this talk to mention a little bit of our curation program. First of all, I would like to introduce my company. We are Han Art Agency from Taiwan, and we are actually a kind of international art management company, because we are dealing with international artists, of course there are some from China, from Japan, and I mean from Asian countries. For this time, we are trying to bring three artists from Asia to Europe. We have an artist Cen Long, who is from China, and we have a Taiwanese artist, whose name is Chiu Dou, you can see behind me, there is one of his painting, and also you can see Yasuko Hayashi from Japan. And for the main thing of our curation program of this time is what we call Contemporary Asian Paintings – Oriental Souls and Concepts. Why we mention, I mean, we mean this talks in the name of Trio Expressionist Painting, that is because our artists are just like singing the song, singing in their heart but in front of their works, so the people, I mean the audience can feel their heart through their works.

So I would like to start to introduce the most important painting that we brought to Europe this time, which is called In Praise of Snowy Peaks, this is actually a triptych of these three pieces, and those people, I mean this little girl with a very shine drummer, she is from Xinjiang province of China, which is located at west-south part of China, and she is playing a drum, but you can look at her eyes, she looks a little bit shy and a little bit curious about the outside world. So why we appreciate to Cen Long so much, because even though he is using the figurative expressionism, but you can just feel like his oriental spirit inside of his painting. And his technic is super, because you can see from the texture and composition of the brush, and also the powerful brush strokes, and I guess that is why he can make his painting really connective with the people, because he puts a lot of his heart, his soul, his energy in the paintings.