The Art of Eastern Europe – A Breeze Blowing through the Birch Forest

Great Land! You need only stick a car pole into the soil, and out will grow a carriage the next day! And so Chekov praises the fertile soil of Ukraine. On the rich land of black soil, a band of artists sing the songs of earth with their brushes. One can hear their charming singsong in the air, like a breeze blowing through the birch forest. Elegant and touching.

About Author /
Metra Lin
Founder and director of Hann Art Agency, admires art that is especially sincere and mellow, art that embodies philosophical meanings and profound emotions with a tranquil ordinariness. Published works: “The Singer on the Top of Clouds”, “The Secret Place”, “Breeze Blowing through the Birch Forest”, “Dreamlike Journey”, “Cen Long and his Silver Age”, “Moon and the Tree, You and I: Yasuko Hayashi”, “The Southern Cross – Cen Long, His World of Art”, “Volodymyr Nosan – The Gallery of Eastern European Artists 2017”, etc.

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Author:Metra Lin
Publisher:Breeze Publishing Ltd
Publishing Date:January, 2018
Specification:187×260 mm / 188 pages
Language:Traditional Chinese
Price:16 USD