Cen Long and His Silver Age

Cen Long took northern farmers, nautical fisherman, the monk and Xinjiang nomadic people as his topics, and creates a self-contained and symbolic ideal world, where his effort in this individual utopia has became nearly religious.

Preface /
Loneliness, Solidification, Tranquility – How I feel about Cen Long’s Art          Author / Metra Lin

Ten years ago, I was deeply touched by “Afar”, a painting created by Cen Long in 1990. The beauty of “Afar” consists in the poetic aesthetic that is solidified in the air. With the sublimation of the innocent souls that go along with the character’s back silhouette, I could observe the immense universe from afar throughout the back of the Mongolian girl. The endless and holy afar was full of sacred beauty. At that instant of tranquility, there was not a single noise, but the solitude of the lonely soul.

The beauty of loneliness is Cen Long’s artistic feature. That’s why many viewers feel a kind of depression among his works. Certainly, his creations are tainted with a slight of melancholy, yet this melancholiness could magically lead my soul into a beautiful, ordinary and affecting dimension which could touch the strings deep in my inner heart. I always feel that this kind of beauty could endure as it awakes the inner soul that was sealed inside. Being deeply touched by his art, I particularly appreciate his aesthetic concept and a few years ago, we have become good partners, fighting together for our insistence of beauty.

The latest work “Moment of Solidification”is the extension of “Afar”; the framework is cleaner and more tranquil, like the solidification of the air. Using simple approaches, he eliminated the trifle details of the environment, so the atmosphere was pure; you could even hear the noise of a fallen needle. The world’s troubles have nothing to do with the painter. I believe it is his attempt to purify the soul. Facing this painting, we have no other option but to remove the daily mask and examine our inner side. By devoting ourselves into the realm of the painting, we could experience and enjoy the kindness and tranquility.

But sigh in regard to its satisfaction with its basic survival conditions which are exchanged by his lifelong freedom and labor. Same as “Moment of Solidification”, the viewers can not only appreciate its painting skill and grace but also experience a deeper realm where the soul can be purified through the painting. I think, this is what the critics said: a sublimation that approximates to the religious feelings.

The concept of religious feelings is presented in other works, such as the latest “Starry Sky”and “Blue Bird”; motherly love and affection as the topic of discourse and meaning can touch the audience’s heart. Not only can be the audience feel the characters depicted within the painting but also the love expressed by them. It is a love, more than a common love, widely defined and exists in the universe.

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Metra Lin
Founder and director of Han Art Agency, admires art that is especially sincere and mellow, art that embodies philosophical meanings and profound emotions with a tranquil ordinariness. Published works:”The Singer on the Top of Clouds”,”The Secret Place”,”Breeze Blowing through the Birch Forest”, “Dreamlike Journey” and “Cen Long and his Silver Age”etc.

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