Dreamlike Journey

Her works remind me of Alice in Wonderland. The viewers become Alice who jumped into the cave and experienced an amazing journey of discovery. The journey may lead the Viewer to long past times or a fantastic mysterious world. During the journey, the viewer are given with the chance to put aside self-consciousness and subjective framework, bathing in the kingdom of fresh senses created by Safina.

Forward /          Author/Metra Lin
For me, stepping into the world of the art is like holding a key to a mysterious garden.

The garden is full of magical power which has once cured my body as well as my soul, and guided me to a new inspiration of life at the time when i felt desperately exhausted both physically and psychologically.

Hence, I wish to pass down the inspiring moment to as many people as possible. For the kids who are created by the artists, I will do my best to promote these brilliant artworks, to help bring up their potential power to influence people, and eventually to have them become the cornerstone of a more profound and fruitful ”secret garden”.

I always think that art should be close to life. What should be asked is the essence of life rather than pure decoration or for the purpose of investment. Try to imagine how delightful and lucky it is to find a key for the entry of a garden on our pathway of life.

About Author /
Metra Lin
Founder and director of Han Art Agency, admires art that is especially sincere and mellow, art that embodies philosophical meanings and profound emotions with a tranquil ordinariness. Published works:”The Singer on the Top of Clouds”,”The Secret Place”,”Breeze Blowing through the Birch Forest”, “Dreamlike Journey” and “Cen Long and his Silver Age”etc.

Product Details /
Author:Metra Lin
Publisher:Reader Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publishing Date:First Edition in November, 2013
Specification:186×230 mm / 64 pages
Language:Traditional Chinese
Price:13 USD