The Secret Place – Yasuko Hayashi

48 pieces of sincere paintings of imagined scenery. Modern Japanese artist Yasuko Hayashi presents to you a chance to tour the secret garden. At the rendezvous of souls, the essence of the world will be revealed.

Self-Portrait /           Author / Yasuko Hayashi
When encountering an object for the first time, I notice the shape, color, texture, and atmosphere that lead me to feel a pure sense of playful curiosity. After the encounter, the memory and experience that become engraved in my mind are completely unknown feelings that make me want to dig deeper into my memory to explore…to understand it more deeply…

The constant interaction during this exploration process brings out nostalgic feelings for objects that I had not previously encountered. It spawns a passion that surpasses common sense. Unreservedly, I keep my heart open, allowing myself to enjoy the dialogue between the object and my heart. This is the thing that I pay the most attention to in my creations. If someone asks me, “what is art?”, I am absolutely unable to answer them. Art cannot be described using words. It is a broad, vague, and all-encompassing thing which can be observed and interpreted by both the creator and viewer.

For me, creating art is interesting because a large part of it involves manifesting things into existence. Through the continuous movement of my two hands, colors are willfully stacked, reduced, and passed over each other. Then, they are stacked again…. Seeing the vast world reconstructed on a piece of paper brings me joy. I am very grateful for the experiences which have shaped me and the mineral pigments I paint with. Without either one, I cannot create. I do not know what I will create next, and am curious of how I might change as an artist. However, I do know that I will always want my works to bring out a viewer’s memory of past objects and feelings.

About Author /
Metra Lin
Founder and director of Han Art Agency, admires art that is especially sincere and mellow, art that embodies philosophical meanings and profound emotions with a tranquil ordinariness. Published works:”The Singer on the Top of Clouds”,”The Secret Place”,”Breeze Blowing through the Birch Forest”, “Dreamlike Journey” and “Cen Long and his Silver Age”etc.

Product Details /
Author:Metra Lin
Publisher:Reader Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publishing Date:First Edition in November, 2010
Specification:190×260 mm / 120 pages
Language:Traditional Chinese
Price:27 USD