Roman Nogin – The Gallery of Eastern European Artists 2018

Laden with rich, vibrant colors and intricate expression, audiences will immediately feel the intensity and passionate lure of Nogin’s art. The variegated expressions of the female sex and the fluid body language of his figures are unique and thought-provoking elements  of Nogin’s aesthetic Romanticism.

Volodymyr Nosan – The Gallery of Eastern European Artists 2017

We can perceive in Nosan’s artwork, the folk life of Ukraine and their positive attitude towards life. His art seems to conceal under the surface of the canvas, an accordion and bandura performance of Ukrainian folk music, or a recording of the sing-songs of Ukrainian youths, or even the stories of the black soil the elderly impart under the cloak of night… Nosan’s artwork is naturalistic and tenderly amicable.

The Southern Cross – Cen Long, His World of Art

Many have said that listening to Bach’s music is enough to make one believe that cherubs are gracing the sky: it enforces one’s belief in the existence of ethereal bodies. Bach’s music is infused with a pious and ardent quality—whenever I listen to his music, I always indulge in the bliss and elation religion imparts to the soul. On multiple occasions, Cen Long’s artwork has reminded me of such experiences.

Moon and the Tree, You and I:Yasuko Hayashi

Pictures of dreams and abstractness, her works are a portal for viewers to travel to a plethora of magical illusions she crafted. Amidst a shower of the silvery moonlight, Yasuo Hayashi illustrates her understanding of the universe, and praises an invisible power that shines within it.

Cen Long and His Silver Age

Cen Long took northern farmers, nautical fisherman, the monk and Xinjiang nomadic people as his topics, and creates a self-contained and symbolic ideal world, where his effort in this individual utopia has became nearly religious.