Cen Long and His Silver Age

Cen Long took northern farmers, nautical fisherman, the monk and Xinjiang nomadic people as his topics, and creates a self-contained and symbolic ideal world, where his effort in this individual utopia has became nearly religious.

Dreamlike Journey

Her works remind me of Alice in Wonderland. The viewers become Alice who jumped into the cave and experienced an amazing journey of discovery. The journey may lead the Viewer to long past times or a fantastic mysterious world. During the journey, the viewer are given with the chance to put aside self-consciousness and subjective framework, bathing in the kingdom of fresh senses created by Safina.

The Art of Eastern Europe – A Breeze Blowing through the Birch Forest

Great Land! You need only stick a car pole into the soil, and out will grow a carriage the next day! And so Chekov praises the fertile soil of Ukraine. On the rich land of black soil, a band of artists sing the songs of earth with their brushes. One can hear their charming singsong in the air, like a breeze blowing through the birch forest. Elegant and touching.

The Singer on the Top of Clouds

Cen Long, an artist from China, is a singer on top of clouds. He praises the ordinary beauty of simpleness, seeks the innocence of the essence of life and is adamant to never be blinded by commercialism. His art works incarnates Dante’s purgatorio, it purifies one’s soul and leads the viewers back to the broad road of simplicity and sincerity.

The Secret Place – Yasuko Hayashi

48 pieces of sincere paintings of imagined scenery. Modern Japanese artist Yasuko Hayashi presents to you a chance to tour the secret garden. At the rendezvous of souls, the essence of the world will be revealed.