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2022.3.10-2022.4.7|Invisible Passages-A Connection Between That Which Is and That Which Has Always Been

The persisting quest for the truth, the beautiful, and the good appear especially invaluable given the ceaseless changes occurring in the world. Artist Cen Long has dedicated decades to the excavation of life’s meanings and values. As a follower of light, he brings to life the struggles of those against daily toils and anxieties with honest and emotive pictures, and by doing so, reflects and reconstructs the realities that exist in this vast world.

Art Collection Whirlwind, Highlights of 2021 Art Taichung

參與本屆ART TAICHUNG畫廊為74間畫廊,擁有77個展間,作品從平面繪畫到雕塑,共400位藝術家超過2500件作品參展,價格區間落在3萬至50萬區間,預估將有超過7成的年輕藏家參與並藏購藝術品,而ARTouch編輯部也針對展會不同樓層的亮點展間進行分享及推薦。