Safina Ksenia

Born in city of Kharkov in 1988, finish the Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts in 2009, in major of “Graphics”. Finish the Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts in 2011, in major of “Graphics”. From 2008 – became member of youth association of the Kharkov section of Union of the Artists of Ukraine. From 2012 – became member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Self-Statement /

In search of an illustrative series, I had the opportunity to combine different images, which often appear as separate parts. The appeal of mythology, folklore, the grotesque, Eastern poetry to me are all reflected in my paintings. I am interested in mixing, melting colors and experiments. In the works with the images of fish, birds intertwined with trees, I capture the experiences of them in this space and time. In my works, I investigate the aspects of the relationship between man, time and space in terms from a philosophical point of view. The difference between languages in my works, however depends on the mood, a variety of symbols, alchemy, and other topics come in shifts… The colors are abstractly defined but has symbolic meanings.

Rethinking the origin of myths and interpretating allegories is also my way of creating. I like to work on the ideas of my own imagination, while using the analogy of photos to execute my ideas with collage, I use art as a mean to convey my imaginations.

To emphasize the “eternal” themes in the work, some works lack very clear and specific characteristics, and the form of works are devoid of symmetry intentionally. I create my works with oil on canvas, mixed media, etching, linocut, graphics and pastel, I also express myself with photography and experimental art. I hope to express the color I have in mind with the multilayers on the works. My everlasting yearning as an artist is to create in the two dimensional world, numerous fantasies and ecstatic universes.

2013 November | What I think about Safina

I adore Safina’s works.

Her works are mostly of deformations, subjective and in decorative style. Actually, the forms of the paintings do not need to pertain realistic forms. In painting, the willingness of the artist is of the greatest significance. She can arbitrarily rearrange the shapes and manipulates the existing objects. Paintings consist of the organization of deconstructed parts exhibits a strong personal will of the painter herself as well as a strong visual impact.

Dreamlike Journey

Her works remind me of Alice in Wonderland. The viewers become Alice who jumped into the cave and experienced an amazing journey of discovery. The journey may lead the Viewer to long past times or a fantastic mysterious world. During the journey, the viewer are given with the chance to put aside self-consciousness and subjective framework, bathing in the kingdom of fresh senses created by Safina.

The Art of Eastern Europe – A Breeze Blowing through the Birch Forest

Great Land! You need only stick a car pole into the soil, and out will grow a carriage the next day! And so Chekov praises the fertile soil of Ukraine. On the rich land of black soil, a band of artists sing the songs of earth with their brushes. One can hear their charming singsong in the air, like a breeze blowing through the birch forest. Elegant and touching.