About Hann Art Agency

Established in 2009, Hann Art Agency is an international art brokerage firm. Metra Lin founded the agency to share the joys she derives from art. She aspires to present artworks combining emotions and philosophy without shallow pompousness.

Hann Art promotes aesthetics predicated on the simple and sincere expressions of emotions and the immanence of truth, goodness, and beauty. We subscribe to Jean-François Millet’s praise of the beauty of the common, who once said that “It is the treating of the commonplace with the feeling of the sublime that gives art its true power.” We also take inspiration from the words of Leo Tolstoy, who stated that “Simplicity is a necessary condition for beauty.” In our choice of artwork, we try to stay faithful to the idea proposed by Susanne Langer, that outstanding artwork should embody “meaningful forms”.

The artworks represented by Hann Art thus are selected for their originality, authenticity, and meaningfulness. We wish to present contemporary collections that are more sustaining than the mere fashionable, works that can continuously enrich and nurture the spirit of its beholder.