About Hann Art Agency

The aesthetic concepts adopted by Hann Art all come from the simplest and the sincerest expressions of emotions, and the most primordial ideas of truth, goodness and beauty.

We think highly of the beauty of commonplace promoted by Jean-François Millet; Millet said “It is the treating of the commonplace with the feeling of the sublime that gives to art its true power.”

We believe in the saying “Simplicity is a necessary condition for beauty.” by Leo Tolstoy. At the same time, we also pursue the idea proposed by Susanne Langer, that outstanding artworks should embody “meaningful forms”.

Hann Art focuses on the deeper content of artworks and we emphasize the most sincere simplicity and the lasting impression of art. We hope to let people who appreciate the artworks presented by us experience contemporary art that is more simple and not only fashionable for a short while. We hope that the integration of art in one’s life can enrich and nurture a finer life.