Cen Long


Ten Years-Cen Long 2008-2017
The Thermos Foundation


Cen Long once said, “individuals are minuscule, however, if one could leave some beautiful impressions in the heart of the beholder, like the shooting stars in the night sky, then that would be an achievement.”

It has been ten years since, and from 2008 to 2017, Cen Long’s art has continued to bring and sow the seeds of truthfulness, beauty and righteousness in the hearts of his audiences. Many, regardless of their identities and age, have been touched by his work.

Cen Long’s solo exhibition, Ten Years is currently held at The Thermos Foundation. The exhibition is from 12/30/2017 to 02/28/2018. This exhibition is a review of the past ten years of Cen Long’s individual art history. The painting that bears the same name as the exhibition, “Sowing Hope,” intends to convey the following message: as we can see, the farmer is working ahead with the ox, and the mother that holds the young child follows him closely, while sowing seeds of wheat; with respect to their real lives, they are hoping that the seeds today will bring a plentiful harvest in the future year.

Cen Long was born in Guangzhou, China in 1957. He was an art professor at the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts. In 2017, Cen Long was invited by the European Culture Center and his works were presented at the Venice Biennale. His style is one of sincerity that is devoid of flashiness, and his colors are rich in tone and heavy in texture, altogether representative of the strength embodied by his art. Cen Long strives to bring out deeper and profound meanings with calm and genuine representations. His intentions and philosophy are hidden in his strokes, and the emotions and sentiments are sustained within the pictures. At the end of the day, his artwork often capture the fleeting moments that are, nonetheless, easing and peacefully tranquil. Removing us from the noises of modern lives, his artwork delivers an experience of aesthetic tranquility that is capable of lifting our spirits to its original, pure essence.

For this exhibition, we collected 45 works that clearly indicates and demonstrates the development of Cen Long’s art over the past ten years. We hope that the audiences will thus be able to enter and participate in his artistic universe. We sincerely invite you to come and explore the light of hope in ordinary moments, and join us in sowing the seeds of hope.

2017.12.30-2018.02.04 |Ten Years-Cen Long 2008-2017