2021.02.06-2021.02.07 |Art Future 2021


Yasuko Hayashi


Art Future 2021
Grand Hyatt Taipei


Yasuko Hayashi was born in 1974, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Graduated from Tokyo University of Arts’ Department of Painting (Japanese Painting). Since 2003, she has held solo exhibitions and participated in numerous art fairs in Japan, Italy, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Her works are acclaimed in both Europe and Asia. She is a rising star in the young contemporary art.

Hayashi uses an abstract realism as a mean to depict the inner worlds of the eastern women. She mainly works with the traditional Japanese painting, which is delicate, pure and exquisite. Her work is devoid of the superficial breeze that some other Japanese paintings exhibits when they fail to portrait something beyond a very apparent and depthless surface; there is a generous and heart-rendering oriental philosophy beneath her complex layers. There is an indescribable sense of mystery and a profound serenity in the landscapes she depicts, a viewer might not only be amazed by the almost palpable thickness of the layers and her layered context, but also yearn the mystic lands in her paintings. The atmosphere she creates on the work, ensnares the viewer’s mind and heart, and by her distinguished skills, she exalts the experience of the viewers to that of a common, but rich and expansive spiritual sense. These sceneries are ethereal, and peaceful, and silently in progress, an affection stemming from the origin of life she creates come into full bloom.