2021 October

涵藝術以「三個主題式策展」探討美學感知上的永恆的靈光【2021 ART TAIPEI 專題】台北國際藝術博覽會

Essence and Existence: an exploration through the joint exhibition of five painters

For ART Taipei 2021, Hann Art Agency will curate the space around three independent themes to deliver an exciting visual experience to our clients.

The first theme is “Invisible passages, a Conversation Between Cen Long’s Art and the Western Artistic Tradition.” This is the debut of a collection of Cen Long’s paintings that will be exhibited across Europe in 2022, starting at Venice’s historical palazzo, Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo, in March 2022.

The second theme centers on the philosophical discussion, “Essence and Existence, which is the source of things?” Does existence predicate essence, or does essence arise a posteriori from the facts of existence? Such are questions central to philosophical inquiries. Hann Art proposes a possible solution by expanding on the works of five artists of distinct nationality.

Cen Long’s art sails towards a metaphysics. Beneath realist techniques, the life of fictional characters depicted in his work and the ideals embodied and represented, communicates a spiritual language to the audiences. His work conveys a religiosity that touches the heart of the audience through means, such as the depiction of ordinary lives and the leveraging of mundane experiences, that are inherently humane.

Tibor Mazula, hailing from Hungary, seeks to capture the aesthetics of stillness inherent in motion. He opines that stillness, or poise, exists within everyday life, and whenever one is graced by its presence, it is one of sublime beauty. Mazula believes that this beauty is sustained in the liminality where time interrelates with space, and his works represent his effort in capturing all the accidental moments when the beauty of stillness exudes from scenes of everyday life.

Yasuko Hayashi, from Japan, shows reverences and affinity to the world through her art. She believes that fauna and flora alike possess spirituality. Natural life conveys to us truths that are imperceivable yet highly impressive and emotive. She has attempted to approach these truths by perceiving the different modalities of existence in nature by adhering to her unbiased heart and soul. Hayashi’s paintings reflect a unique spiritual perspective that convey abstract sentiments in her portraits of reality.

Argentinian Alberto Alvarez takes the inner world as his artistic object. His style combines impressionism and abstract techniques with an architectonic of details borrowed from realism and architecture. His insightful leveraging of this motley combination of stylistic conventions is to the benefit of the distinct parts composing the whole, which is a highly unique visual representation of memories and narratives.

Taiwanese artist Qiu Dou’s earlier methodology aimed at exploring the balance and clashing of the horizon, physical dimensionality, and surfaces with the visuals of black, white, and grey colors. Recently, Dou sought to reserve space, in his collection on colors, for sentiments in geometric abstract paintings, so as to amplify the emotive potentials of his work and to lessen the gap between the soul of the artist and his audiences.

The final area is reserved for collections from The Crux. The philosophy of The Crux, a sub brand of Hann Art Agency, emphasizes creativity and flexibility in art medium, thus introducing an experimental dimension to collecting art.

We cordially invite you to visit us at ART Taipei to experience this carefully coordinated show that we are so excited to share with you.

Art Taipei 2021 台北國際藝術博覽會|涵藝術


Cen Long 岑龍/Alberto Alvarez 阿爾維托/Tibor SImon-Mazula 迪波爾/Yasuko Hayashi 林靖子/Chiu Dou 邱掇

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