Cen Long|Invisible Passages: A Connection Between That Which Is and That Which Has Always Been

Cen Long – Invisible Passages: A Connection Between That Which Is and That Which Has Always Been
by Metra Lin


The persisting quest for the truth, the beautiful, and the good appear especially invaluable given the ceaseless changes occurring in the world. Artist Cen Long has dedicated decades to the excavation of life’s meanings and values. As a follower of light, he brings to life the struggles of those against daily toils and anxieties with honest and emotive pictures, and by doing so, reflects and reconstructs the realities that exist in this vast world.

In this exhibition, Cen Long’s oil paintings are shown in tandem with relics from the fifteenth and sixteenth century, including two carved polychrome wood of the Virgin Mary, one with the Child and one with winged cherubs, a painted wooden sculpture of Saint Jerome, a portrait of the Saint in meditation, and the invaluable crowning masterpiece of the great renaissance maestro, II Paradiso by Tintoretto (1518-1594), all provided by the Fondazione Venezia Servizi alla Persona. Our curatorial philosophy is to connect the fifteenth century to the modern-day and so highlight the recurrence and constant resurrection of the spirit of purity and grace. Through the conversation between artworks from disparate times, we hope to exhibit the truth that the spirit of art bridges the Distances of times and spaces. —Metra Lin, Curator

Artist profile

Cen Long was born in 1957, Guangzhou, China. His signature artistic approach consists of a simple style, sophisticated brushwork, rigorous composition, layered and solid coloring. These techniques engender a strength to his paintings; each piece contains a deeper meanings beneath its various surface qualities. Together, these attributes express values that can withstand the test of time and captivate the imagination. His works evoke a sense of clarity and serenity to the viewer, encouraging those who are burdened by the hustle of modern life to re-experience the aesthetic of tranquility, to return to a more fundamental state of being.

Author profile

Having been deeply touched by Cen Long’s Art, Metra Lin has devoted much of her efforts to studying Cen Long’s Art and the development of his person. Hann Art Agency was established in 2009 and had exclusively represented Cen Long since. The first publication by Metra on Cen Long’s works dates to 2010, The Singer of the Top of Clouds; which was followed by Cen Long and His Silver Age(2014), The Southern Cross – Cen Long, His World of Art(2017), and most recently, Cen Long-The Follower of Light(2019). She is convinced by the spirituality conveyed by Cen’s Art, which is capable of reaching to the depth of the modern soul, the promotion of which is a goal worthy of a lifetime.

Published works: Invisible Passages: A Connection Between That
Which Is and That Which Has Always Been(2022), The Southern Cross-Cen Long, His World of Art(2021), Cen Long-The Follower of Light(2019), Roman Nogin(2018), Volodymyr Nosan(2017), The Southern Cross-Cen Long, His World of Art(2017), Moon and the Tree, You and I: Yasuko Hayashi(2016), Cen Long and His Silver Age(2014), Dreamlike Journey-Safina Ksenia(2013), A Breeze Blowing through the Birch Forest(2012), The Singer on the Top of Clouds-A Story of An Artist(2012), The Secret Place-Yasuko Hayashi(2010)

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