Cen Long

Born in 1957, Guangzhou, China. His signature artistic approach consists of a simple style, sophisticated brushwork, rigorous composition, layered and solid coloring. These techniques engender a strength to his paintings; each piece contains a deeper meaning beneath its various surface qualities. Together, these attributes express values that can withstand the test of time and captivate the imagination. His works evoke a sense of clarity and serenity to the viewer, encouraging those who are burdened by the hustle of modern life to re-experience the aesthetic of tranquility, to return to a more fundamental state of being.


When in the night loneliness passes over me, I gaze upward toward the wide firmament, studded with twinkling stars. They seem to encourage me in ceaseless dance, “Do not be sad,” they say, “for we are always with you.” And behind their distant solitude lies this warmth, a warmth which reminds me of many animals and people I have known, whose kind and tender disposition invokes these glittering stars, and who have always comforted me and encouraged me to face the struggles of life with firmness and composure. This unity, this solidarity which connects all of nature’s beings, is a blessing from the creator–and in return, I have dedicated my life to showing my gratitude through painting, and have approached each work as an homage to the eternal.