2022.3.19-2022.4.16|Mother’s Love-Selected Works of Cen Long

I wish my painting is likewise like a lullaby. As opposed to a march, It should be those traditional lullaby. That soothed hearts since time immemorial.

2021.11.06-11.27|The River-Childhood Memory-Selected Works of Cen Long

“Rivers” is the collection of works that represents the nostalgia and memories of Cen Long. These pieces are completed in a more realistic fashion and tastefully depict specific geographic and cultural appearances. Cen Long’s hope was to evoke both emotions and understanding from the viewers by portraying the true nature of his subjects and landscapes.

2021.09.25-10.16 |The Days of Wind-Selected Works of Cen Long

Expressions of courage are often explored in Cen’s works.
Plato’s dialogues quantify courage as a spiritual persistence and is seen as a virtue.
I believe that this point of view is of the same nature as Cen’s perception of courage.