2017.06.03-06.25|Longing, for the Ukrainian Soil-Volodymyr Nosan Solo Exhibition


Volodymyr Nosan


Longing, for the Ukrainian Soil-Volodymyr Nosan Solo Exhibition
Hann Art Co., Ltd.


I was born in a small provincial town of Balaklia, near Kharkov. My childhood was passed in a small village where my grandmother lived. Thus, she became the central figure of my works. Her perseverance is embodied within her forehead, her coarse hands. Hers is a life of heroism, for she was a woman who experienced the famine of 1933-1948, the war of 1941-1945… It’s her, Maria, who taught me to be indifferent to the onslaught of fate, who taught me to love the land she herself cherished, who preached sympathy into my heart and taught me how to be, just a man…

In my work I often retrace the time into when my grandmother Maria was still alive, to our cherry orchard near the house, to the old apple tree with a swing attached. This remembrance of time, is my returning to the paradise on earth I invented. It is a place where stars and human souls are interlaced into a single universe, in which one’s desire is no more than the simple wishes of a peasant.

Sometimes it seems to me that I am not painting pictures, but recreating the story of myself.

-Volodymyr Nosan-