2019.05.11— 11.24|Cen Long: The Constellations, in Parallel with The 58th Art Biennial, Chiesa di San Giovanni di Malta

I hope to create an atmosphere both divine and approachable by combining Cen Long’s artwork and the solemn environment of the church. His paintings, like the glistening constellations in the night sky, deliver hope and love to us, and purify our hearts.


涵藝術將於今年5月的第58屆威尼斯雙年展同期,在馬爾他聖若望教堂(Chiesa di San Giovanni di Malta)舉辦「蒼穹星光-岑龍和他的藝術」個展,行前與新古典室內樂團合作,以岑龍作品的精神性為再創作的起點,結合新古典演奏技法和舞者演出,策劃了一系列跨領域的開幕週展演活動