2020.01.12-03.29|Volodymyr Nosan Solo Exhibition


Volodymyr Nosan


Volodymyr Nosan Solo Exhibition
Farglory 95


Born in 1970. Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts M.A.. As a member of the Union of the Artists of Ukraine, he has had numerous experience of being in exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad. Now, he spends the majority of his time creating art and graphic designing. He maintains a teaching position at the Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts.

Nosan’s character is one of naivety, passion and liveliness. He is passionate for life and observant of its many details. His prime goal is to render the world under his brushes with the authenticity of life. Nosan’s artwork is full of levity and humor, and all the figures demonstrate an attitude of optimism and hope. Painting is the means through which he explores the meaning of life; it is expressive of his quest for the universal and complex philosophy of life.