2020.06.23-07.11|Courage and Perseverance-Selected Works of Cen Long


Cen Long


Courage and Perseverance-Selected Works of Cen Long
Hann Art Co., Ltd.


I am experiencing the immediate threat and power of destruction by the onslaught of the global pandemic. My helplessness is akin to the fate of leaves brought to the mercy of waves by a violent tempest. My situation has highlighted my ties to the world, I yearn to communicate to those I love and respond to those who love me. At such a time, I am especially drawn to art, where I could paint works inspired by love, which may serve as testimony and memorial to human strength and emotions in desperate times. To offer so much as a glimpse of brightness such as the tail of passing comets is and will remain my goal in art and life.
—Cen Long

Life has not been easy on Cen Long. Yet, all that doesn’t break him has contributed towards his forward steps, however crooked and piercing such a pavement may be. Existence to him has always been predicated by responsibility—a sense of mission to paint something that illuminates the importance and glory of love.
—Metra Lin