2021.03.12-05.29 |Courage and Perseverance-Selected Works of Cen Long


Cen Long


Courage and Perseverance-Selected Works of Cen Long
Hann Art Co., Ltd.


Cen Long’s paintings have always been suffused with an inner glow, a holy light of kindness. His earliest motif was the traveling bard, wandering amid depictions of down-to-earth scenes of Northern Chinese agriculture, cultures, and farming habits. These rustic human landscapes brought to light his most frequent theme: the harmony between man and nature lending the strength needed to survive in harsh conditions with only primitive technology. During this period, the light that permeates Cen’s art is one of gentle hope: men find a home in nature and inspire one another with love and solidarity. He paints lives, man and animal both, that live close to the sun on highlands and prairies. Around this time in his artistic career, he told me that he would be satisfied if his artwork, like the sporadic starlight one sometimes sees at night, could touch the heart of even a few.